Start-Up Update

This is the section of Music Industry Blog where we keep you up to date with the latest news and developments from early stage music start-ups.  If you are a music start-up and would like to be featured in the Start-Up Update please email musicindustryblog AT gmail DOT COM and include the works “Start-Up Update” in your email header.

The Start-Up Update is brought to you in association with the media innovation consultancy Midia, Media Insights and Decisions in Action.

3 thoughts on “Start-Up Update

  1. Would you be interested in breaking the story on a new tool available for the songwriter community? Create / join workshops online, complete with a dedicated (!) forum, blog, photo and video library, file server, wiki pages and a dedicated chat.

  2. This blog is right up my street! It fits my own views about giving new talent a multi media presence on the web. Artists need good engaging content to win fans and generate revenue. Love all the good ideas on this blog l will be reading lots from here. I want to be part of tye exciting future of digital multi media music making! Cheers Simon.

  3. Hi there!
    Great blog! Your news is so in depth and I thank you so much! You continually assist my with my own music ventures!
    I’m currently running a blog which gives free unused lyrics for people to claim and use. I attract around 700-1000 views per day. I was hoping I could conduct an interview with you, and vice versa? It could assist both our blogs greatly. I understand if your too busy, but if you’re open to it, please contact me at: dansmusic9(at)gmail(dot)com

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