MTV Put Their Well Learnt Lessons into Practice

Compare and contrast:

Viacom and YouTube: $1 billion copyright infringement suit pending

MTV and MySpace: innovative solution to serve ads on MTV videos


The quote from MTV’s president of global digital media Mika Salmi says it all

“MySpace has always respected copyright and is more progressive about copyright in our mind. The way we’re pushing this out with Auditude and MySpace is different than with YouTube or our past associations there.”

So a) MTV learnt their lessons with YouTube and b) MySpace know how to leverage their audience to secure good ad and content deals.  I wouldn’t be surprised if MySpace had double negotiated their position with MTV and ensured that they get a share of ad revenue on top of securing the content.  Remember, they negotiated such a good deal with Google that the search giant blamed disappointing financial results on the terms of the deal.

Have audience, will travel…