Digital Download Day Strikes Back

Digital Service Provider OD2’s Digital Download Day generated so much demand that it crashed their servers. Some lessons have been learnt and the initiative returns to our screens and speakers in March for a two month stint.

Without the legitimate heavy weights of MusicNet and press play of the US, Europe has been left to wallow in the back waters with no major legitimate alternatives – see European Online Music – Segment Consumers to Succeed The vacuum has to date been filled more than ably by the illegitimate sector, but the success of OD2’s DDD shows just how much demand is out there for legitimate high quality alternatives. Indeed, Jupiter’s latest consumer survey research in Europe tells us exactly that: consumers will pay for legitimate music if it guarantees them high quality, secure music with added value. see Jupiter’s latest European Music Consumer Survey Report.

Maybe if OD2’s DDD II improves upon the success of its predecessors, it will convince the majors to start getting serious about the amount of content they are willing to license online in Europe?

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