Will The Real BT Stand Up?

While BT are busy getting the Chairman of the BPI to endorse their much hyped Dot Music On Demand, they also seem to be sticking the proverbial finger up at the exact same body. BT have been refusing to speak to the BPI’s anti-piracy unit about the future of online piracy, instead taking the Grockster view that file sharing in itself is not illegal. In fact, they have proved to be so intransigent that the BPI’s Jollyon Benn referred to talking with them as being like “pulling teeth”!
BT certainly seem to be trying to have the best of both worlds: promoting legal music subscription services on one hand, whilst on the other screening TV commercials with a girl telling the camera how great BT broadband is because it allows her to download so much music.

Illegal file sharing is simply not the future for broadband ISPs due to the strain it places on their bandwidth. But if they encourage usage to the extent that it becomes a truly mainstream activity, they will have to re-assess their business models. Right now though, if BT wants Dot Music to take off, it has to learn to stop biting the hand that feeds it.

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