So it looks like I was caught hook line and sinker by the Honest Thief, though I was far from alone. It turns out that the illegal file-sharing network was in actual fact simply a publicity stunt for a book launch.

Hats off to the guy for a nice little scam, though I still resent my name having been associated with advocating illegal file –sharing 😉

Though a few industry execs will be breathing a small breath of relief, the fact remains that the market is ripe for the next generation of file sharing networks. What will be interesting to see if whether the next generation of P-to-P networks become highly targeted and specialised, with one network for music downloading, one for movies, another for software, another for TV shows etc. One potential upside of this strategy for a would-be network is that it would narrow the range of potential litigants: facing one of (instead of all of) record, movie, TV and software companies in court.

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