Blur on Piracy

It was nice to see Blur’s Dave Rowntree on the BBC this morning commenting on the IFPI’s forthcoming piracy report (more on that later today once it is released). Basically he kept the BBC’s reporter on the straight and narrow, refusing to let the IFPI’s report be interpreted as an attack on file sharing but instead clarifying its focus on mass physical piracy.

I suspect Rowntree’s views are similar to that of many established artists (i.e. those who have been around long enough to understand how the industry works) in that he recognises the very real negative impact of illegal CD production on legitimate sales. But at the same time recognising that attempting to prosecute individual music fans for downloading music will only push away their fans. I’m sure there is a large number of once dedicated Metallica fans who haven’t rushed out to buy the band’s latest opus. Myself included, but that’s mainly because I think they went down hill when Dave Mustaine left to form Megadeath. 😉

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