Currently Number One on My Playlist…

….is the Turin Brakes ‘Ether Song’. Maybe I am getting older, but it seems like the time between really great albums coming along is getting longer and longer. This one though is worth the wait and it’s nice to have another top quality British album at the top of my personal play list…..which is more than can be said for Radio One according to some of the British Music Industry. They claim that of the top 100 played records in the first half of the year, just 32 were British, compared to 48 on independent radio. Many industry representatives are lobbying for a quota system that will ensure that Radio One supports UK acts and does not penalise them at the expense of US acts. I am unconvinced that such drastic action should be taken: France’s attempts to enforce French culture to halt the advance of internatiolisation has met with mixed success. But, you can’t help but feel that if anyone should be playing decent British music, it should be the BBC.

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