Ring Tones The Saviour of The Music Industry?

Ring tones have been getting more than their fair share of press recently: when you hear a piece on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, then you know something’s up! Ring tones (in their various guises) undoubtedly represent a more than welcome breath of fresh air to a music industry that is otherwise gasping for breath, but I am a little concerned that they are in danger of getting over hyped. Some observers seem to be suggesting that they could even save the music industry. I think that is taking things too far. Ring tones are an incredibly valuable addition to the armoury of the music industry as they:
· are vastly cheaper to produce and distribute than single
· offer realistic revenue opportunities within younger demographics
· provide massive marketing support for single and album sales
In short, ring tones represent one more part of an ever expanding media pie, they are not about to replace CD sales.

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