Tune in Drop (the ammunition) out

DISCLAIMER: I donít care if this is a spoof or just a clever PR stunt (which I suspect it is).

A new digital music product is doing the rounds in blogs and new sites called the AK-MP3. Apparently this new 20 gb hard drive based player stands apart from the i-Pod in one very significant way: itís designed for use with a Kalishnikov AK-47 assualt rifle! The player which is made by (depending on where you read about the story) either a UK based or US based group of Russian business men and slots into the where the ammunition magazine cartridge would normally slot. Apparently the makers want to do their bit for world peace hoping that militants, terrorists and insurgents would replace aummunition with the MP3 player and listen to music and audio books instead of killing people, because ďThey need to chill out and take it easy.”

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