iPods make you buy more CDs….well they do for me

Talking of the iPod (albeit indirectly) I have some preliminary survey results from a new consumer survey with a sample size of 1…ok it’s myself. Recently I finally got myself an i-Pod and Iíve spent the last few weeks working my way through ripping my CD collection onto it. However, being something of a late convert to CDs* I had forgotten quite how much of my music collection is on cassette, and thus of course not rip-able. For some of the more obscure tapes I have recorded them directly into digital audio using Emagicís Logic Audio, but for others Iíve found myself popping down to HMV to buy CD replacements of albums I only ever had on tape. So with my sample size of 1, I can conclude that this survey proves that owning a digital music player can actually increase recorded music salesÖ.

*I held onto vinyl for as long as was reasonably possible, and then some more. And I subsequently clung onto cassettes, unable to shake the feeling that CDs were the evil empire which had stopped my favourite artists releasing on vinyl. Luckily I was able to reacquaint myself with my love for vinyl once I discovered DJ-ing.

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