Beginning of the End for Kazaa?

Kazza owner Sharman Networks find themselves up in court again facing allegations that they willfully developed the network for illegal file sharing purposes. Of course this is juts another skirmish in what has been a long an protracted campaign for both sides and generally speaking Sharman have been winning the war, despite a few minor set backs. This is of course a key reason that the music industry has been forced into taking action against the softer targets of the file sharers themselves. What makes this current case stand out though is that it is centered around evidence found during a raid of Sharman’s offices. To date Sharman have effectively evaded serious censure through intentionally Byzantine corporate structures and practices that has always left them one step away from direct accountability. Maybe, just maybe, this evidence will finally joint the dots. The irony is that history is repeating itself here. As with Napster, just as the music industry is finally catching up with Kazaa the focal point of file sharing has already moved on….

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