Do They Know It’s Christmas? Yes, it seems they do…

20 years on and Bob Geldof’s Band Aid is repeating its original success, but this time the whole affair has a very digital feel to it. The pricing of the Band Aid 20 single ‘Do they Know It’s Christmas’ has brought some worthy responses from digital music stores. The £1.49 price tag caused Apple some initial concern as they were adamant they did not want to break their 79p pricing structure, so they decided to retail it for 79p but pay the remaining amount to the Band Aid Trust. This morning Wippit gazzumped Apple by announcing that it is retailing the track for 49p and paying the additional £1 to the Band Aid Trust.

Of course, the massive positive of all this seasonal competition is that the Band Aid Trust is the key beneficiary: “Do They Know Its Christmas” was number one in both the physical and download singles charts last night. Interestingly the original version was also in the download Top 10 (it had been as high as number 2) illustrating probably 2 things:

1 – a greater tendency of consumers to buy back catalogue online
2 – that its easier to get confused and buy the wrong track online!

Either way, its all more money for Band Aid.