IFPI Upbeat about digital

The IFPI launched their annual Digital Music Report today with a distinctly upbeat feel, commenting both on the large number of tracks and the fact that the market is expected to double this year, according to none other than a certain JupiterResearch. The IFPI has consistently trodden a measured path with digital music, always eager to focus on promotion of the legitimate services before pushing ahead with legal action against individuals. They’ve clearly learnt lessons from the RIAA. So even though the IFPI also provided an update on the legal actions they are pursuing, the headlines are all about the quality and opportunity represented by legitimate digital music services in Europe. This is exactly the way that the digital music message needs to be pushed to the music buying public. I.e. There are compelling legal services, so you don’t need to use file sharing networks anymore, if you do though you have to be prepared to face the consequences. Good work IFPI.