Coldplay Score a Global Number 1

Coldplay scored a major digital success this week with the pre-physical single digital download release of ‘Speed of Sound’ going straight to number one in all 15 iTunes Music Stores worldwide on its day of release. What this goes to show is:

a) the strength of a highly coordinated and even more highly effective release campaign
b) the power of digital, both to transcend national borders and to provide immediate results
c) the number of Coldplay fans that are iTunes users. In a forthcoming JupiterResearch report we did some detailed analysis of iPod owners and this backs up one of the data points in there: half of iPod owner said that they liked bands like Radiohead and Coldplay, compared to a third of other Internet users.

It will be interesting to see what impact this has on the UK singles charts as it won’t be available in the shops until the 23rd May. Last week Gorillaz was one of the top selling downloads (with just 300 physical format singles – see my previous blog) yet only made it to 22 in the overall charts.