MSN Music Goes Nordic

MSN today announced the continued enlargement of MSN musicís European footprint with new services in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Launching services in these markets should be something of a no-brainer for digital music providers:

∑ They have high online tenure and some of these markets are Europeís most sophisticated (see our European Digital Living Index for more details)∑ They have high Internet penetration
∑ Domestic repertoire is a relatively small part of music sales so international catalogue is easier to sell

Their downside of course (for external market entrants) is that they have modestly sized populations so there will be a smaller absolute ROI than in the less advanced northern European powerhouses such as Germany, France and the UK.

These markets will also prove fertile hunting grounds for music subscription services: in two separate pieces of European research from Jupiter we investigate different types subscriptions in Europe and Sweden keeps coming out top on all metrics. Watch this space for more details.