Are WinMX and e-Donkey breathing their last?

A lot has happened whilst Iíve been sunning myself for the last two weeks and today there are various stories doing the rounds that e-Donkey and WinMX are either closed or on the verge of. E-Donkey is reported to have closed itís New York offices (though is still online) and WinMX seems to have shut down. All of which suggests that the RIAAís cease and desist letters (post their successful court ruling) might be hitting home. Does this mean the end of file sharing? No, no and no. File sharing is never going to go away (in fact our preliminary European consumer survey data suggests the opposite: watch this space for news on an upcoming report). File sharing will get less mainstream in the long term, but it will always be there. The challenge for the music industry is how to continue to push it to the margins and fill the void with legitimate services (which of course suggests a big opportunity for free legal services, but that is another debate).

If e-Donkey and WinMX do disappear it will be an important victory for the music industry, but it will just be one won battle in the long term war.