No, not some bizarre merger, just a quick blog on 2 separate but related stories.

IFPI have announced another round of law suits against file sharers. Is it working? Well our latest European Music survey results suggest that at best file sharing is static but the question remains, how much worse would things be without IFPI action? And indeed in some countries there are positive results. In the US there has been a stronger steady decline in file sharing but the RIAA’s more heavy handed approach has arguably harmed the consumer / label relationship for significant portions of the US music fan base. In Europe the IFPI are to be commended for pursuing a much more balanced approach that focuses on education and promotion on legal services as well as the legal actions.

Which leads me on to EMI, who have just announced better than expected results, which shows that even with file sharing, if you have a good roster of artists and well priced products you can sell. File sharing is an important (and largely negative) factor, but itís not the be all and end all.

Look out for more on our latest European Music Consumer Survey results next week as we’ll be issuing a press release highlighting some pretty compelling trends.