If you were listening to a certain national UK radio station last night (who I’ll refrain from naming) you might have heard me apparently advocating file sharing and being rebuffed by a BPI spokesman arguing that file sharing is illegal and basically shouldn’t be done. Be rest assured this isn’t what I said. Some creative editing of my ten minute interview into a five second sound bite took my discussion about using some attributes of file sharing in alternative models for legal services. The whole focus of our report is looking at how legal services can compete against file sharing and also the impact industry action is having on file sharing (in some markets it is declining steadily (e.g. UK and Germany) and Spain (where no action has been taken) it is going through the roof but in Italy it is growing steadily). Our line is that file sharing needs to be tackled but also that lessons can be learnt from it.

I’ve always been cynical of hearing people complaining about their quotes being ‘taken out of context’ but I now know how it feels. It nearly ranks up there with a French journalist years ago turning my comment about our 1999 eBooks forecasts being a touch bullish and actually turning out to being bang on the money a couple of years later into the following headline
“eBooks: I got it wrong – Mark Mulligan”!!!

Anyway, back to the report, if you want to read it in its entirety then click here