Rocking All Over the…er…Brentford

Here’s an interesting mix of something new, something old and something borrowed.

Digital downloads are the ‘new’(what else would you expect from this blog); Status Quo fulfill the ‘old’ part of the equation (though I do sheepishly confess to having nearly 30, yes 30, Quo albums on vinyl from a misspent youth); and Brentford FC striker Lloyd Owusu the ‘borrowed’ (that part’s a bit tenuous – this season he returned to Brentford after being ‘borrowed’ by Reading for a while).

Status Quo’s bass player John Edwards (I was always more of an Alan Lancaster man myself) is a big Bees fan and was so inspired by Owusu’s return to Brentford that he penned a song in his honour: Owusu The One And Only

The song has proved to be a massive hit with the Brentford fans, with more than 8,000 downloads, which, as the BBC reports, would be enough to get it into the charts if football club web sites were tracked the Official Charts Company. They omit to mention the fact that the download is free which would impact it’s status as a ‘single’.

Unfortunately it appears that our Lloyd isn’t much of a fan of the denim clad 12 bar blues institution that is the Quo:

“I’ve never been a Quo fan, I’m more into R&B and funky house”