Long Tail Wagging Scores: CD 0, Digital 1

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll probably have heard me say that one of the key reasons that digital music should be cheaper is because it is an inferior product to the CD because it doesn’t have artwork, a case or the CD. One distinct advantage that digital does have though is immediacy, which is highlighted all the more when you try to mine the long tail from a CD retailer. Over the last 3 months I have ordered a mixture of import and archive albums from Amazon and the delivery dates keep getting pushed back. They aren’t exactly what you would call obscure either (Cream, Vasco Rossi, Veruka Salts) but whereas with a digital store I would have had the albums instantaneously, with a CD store I am still waiting and will still well into May. So one small victory for digital over CDs.

They still need to be cheaper though 😉