More on those Norwegians

Since my blog entry on the Norwegian moves against iTunes Music Store I’ve had a few emails from colleagues about the ‘cooling off’ period, all along the lines of ‘isn’t that just stupid?’.

So just in case my blog inferred I had any sort of sympathy with this cooling off period in relation to music, I don’t. In fact I think it is a perfect recipe for piracy:

step one – buy the music download,
step two – copy it,
step three – ‘cool off’ (a martini by the pool might help)
step four – return it and get you money back.
step five – return to step one.

For even more cynicism see David Card’s latest entry. For the record Norway accounts for a whopping three percent of the European digital music market. So leaving the market isn’t exactly going to put Apple’s CFO into a cold sweat.