A Small Gripe

Is it just me, or are CDs with their own PC playback software utterly irritating? I know itís one [marginal] step better than copy protection (though often the two tactics are integrated) but even without it can be a royal pain in the behind. Out of the CDs I have bought in the last month there are two which I simply wonít play on my PC because of the intrusive nature of the play-back app that takes over the whole screen when it launches. It is of course no great sacrifice to listen to them on my iPod instead but that isnít the point. Am I showing my age wanting to actually play back the CD? There is actually a serious point hidden in here: ripping CDs to play on portable devices or be stored in one place is fundamental to how people listen to music these days. Trying to prevent that activity is no more tackling the pirates than closing the doors to HMV would be stopping shop lifters.

As a little related aside: interestingly one of the majorís PC playback apps that attempt to prevent playback on the PC on any other software, including Windows Media Player (and thus reducing risk of ripping) is completely side-stepped by iTunes.