Windows DRM Hacked. So what?!

Window’s DRM has apparently been cracked. Does it matter? Well, yes and no. Yes it exposes a vulnerability that technically means that rights protected content downloaded from the likes of Napster can now have it’s rights management circumvented. But in practice it doesn’t actually mean that much:
– Firstly, Microsoft will close the hole.
– Secondly, are hackers likely to be buying from Napster et al? No, they’re much more likely to be downloading from file sharing networks.
– Thirdly, you can already crack the DRM by burning to CD and then ripping again
– Fourthly, how many ‘average Joe’ digital music buyers are going to seek out the crack?

So, this is big news in the weird and wonderful world of hackers and developers, but not really that big a deal for the digital music world. Hackers will always crack technology. That is their raison d’etre.

That’s my take from a music industry perspective. Watch out for Joe’s and Michael’s blogs for a more informed technology take.