Get Your Free MP3 Players Here!

Stealing a little bit of the limelight ahead of Apple’s big announcement on Tuesday (movie downloads? touch screen iPod? iPhone?!!!) Napster have announced that they are giving away a free MP3 player with every UK based three month subscription of Napster to Go. They claim that this is analogous to the mobile market where consumers typically get a free (subsidized) phone handset with their mobile subscription. Which is valid enough, but there is another – less welcome – phone analogy here. The MP3 player is a 512MB flash player, which is much less likely to find itself competing with would be iPod buyers than it is with the inbuilt MP3 players on mobile handsets. Also Napster have made hay in the past about being able to fill an iPod with a 10 dollar monthly subscription compared to the tens of thousands it would cost to do the same from iTunes Music Store. If you want to fill this player from ITMS it will cost you a much more affordable 213 pounds and sixty pence….(and of course you get to keep them).

So an interesting move from Napster, but next time make it a decent sized hard drive player for a year’s commitment.