This Has Got To Stop

I really wish senior British politicians would stop feeling compelled to talk about the Arctic Monkeys to either attempt to appear cool or (in the latest example) try to prove otherwise. Hot on the heels of Sir Ming Campbell wrongly saying in a Q&A that the Monkeys had out sold the Beatles, PM wanabe Gordon Brown has said that he is more interested in the Arctic Circle than the Arctic Monkeys.

OK guys, enough is enough. The Monkeys are more than capable of stealing mass media exposure without the help of the British political establishment.

[After thought: Just remembered that Gordon Brown’s latest comment has added significance: his spin doctors had persuaded him previously to claim that he listened to the Monkeys on his iPod…..only to later not be able to name a single track form the album and to say he actually thought they were ‘very loud’. Turns out he actually listens to Coldplay…who’s frontman Chris Martin has recently pinned his colours to the mast of his wife’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s yoga partner’s husband David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party. So it looks Gordon will need to find a new cool but mainstream band to ‘do an Oasis’ a la Tony. Perhaps he should take another listen to that noisy young beat combo].