The CD is Dead….well not quite….

EMI Group chairman Alain Levy has been quoted as saying that record labels will soon be unable to sell CDs without added value content. Though this has been reported as indicating that the ďCD is deadĒ it in actual fact simply illustrates the successful transition of the CD from a 2 dimensional lean back music format into a multi dimensional lean forward media. In fact Levy states that all of EMIís releases from next year will have added value content.

However, there was one quote which doesnít quite add up: Levy was reported as saying that 60 percent of consumers rip CDs onto their computers in order to transfer onto their MP3 players. Given that MP3 player penetration is less than half that rate letís assume that he was either misquoted or actually meant ripping onto computers generally. If not, Mr Levy might want to double check his stats.

The quote has been given extra relevance by a report in the Sunday Telegraph that highlights the fact that it is illegal to transfer music from CDs onto MP3 players. In a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee a few months ago BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson indicated that no action would be taken against British customers who did this, however, the fact remains that the law needs changing. As the Telegraph points out, this leaves all those wannabe trendy MPs like David Cameron and Tony Blair with iPods in legal limbo.