The DDRM Debate…

The DDRM (Drop-DRM) debate roles on. Now we have ‘unnamed sources’ at EMI claiming that they are in negotiations to retail sections of their back catalogue without DRM. This is actually exactly what we recommend in our latest report on DRM, just published last night. Click here to read the report if you are a client. Some of the record label attitudes towards DRM are a little surprising.

Also in digital music news, that stalwart of the subscription sector Napster recorded narrowing losses. At Jupiter we see subscription services as niche but a pivotal element of the digital music landscape. The key problem they have is selling the concept. No sooner does Chris Gorog make a step forward commenting about how you can fill an iPod with tens of thousands of dollars worth of music for 5 dollars then Steve Jobs kicks subscriptions two firm steps backwards by calling them music rental. Subscriptions are a long-term sell but will have increasing viability. Napster just need to hold on in there, whatever their ownership might look like.