EU vs Apple….again….

Once again Apple finds itself the subject of unwelcome European attention. This time the European Commissioner for Consumers (Meglena Kuneva) has gone on record with the oft repeated assertion that it shouldn’t be possible for all CDs to play in all CD players but for iTunes Music Store downloads to only play on iPods. There has since been some hasty back tracking from the EU with a spokesperson claiming

“I don’t think she was stating it as a definitive policy position. At this stage it is her gut instinct,”

Either way, it’s yet more evidence of the continued wave of establishment discontent towards Apple and yet again the arguments seem blinkered to say the least. What about the fact that WMA download tracks from MusicLoad, Fnac, HMV etc won’t play on iPods? Or that most mobile opertator downloads won’t play on most MP3 players? Or that Halo won’t play on a PS3? (You get the picture)

This of course does not mean that Apple won’t find some of this Spring of Discontent turning into an unpleasantly sticky summer…

Between now and then expect to stories like this one to crop up (In the words of the Quo) “Again again again again, again again again again”*