You Decide The Price

Ok, Iím going to jump on the bandwagon and talk about Amie Street, which is benefiting from some decent exposure at the moment. I first came across this service a couple of months ago and what grabbed me then was their pricing structure (more below) rather than the fact they sell in MP3 format which is giving them guaranteed coverage in the current DDRM climate. The reason there is no DRM is because the catalogue is indie (despite some reporters mistakenly thinking that Netwerk Musicís major label artists are available Ė there appears to have been some semi-intentional confusion of where the management agency roster stops and the label roster starts).

So theyíre just another indie download store I hear you say. Well yes, but whatís cool about the service though is that the dynamic pricing: all songs start at zero cents and work their way up to a maximum of 98 driven by the number of people who download the track. So the more popular the more expensive. Though it appears that prices donít decline the less popular they become. Which is a bit of a missed opportunity for back catalogue long tail enthusiasts.