Fighting Free with Free

Jupiter has just published what we hope to be something of a landmark report on the digital music market called The Future of Digital Music: Fighting Free with Free (click here for more details, or to see the report if you are a Jupiter client).

This report tackles what we think will be one of the big issues in digital music: Ad-Supported services. The report takes a look at what has essentially gone wrong with music sales over the last few years and the roles that technology and new behaviour have played in declining spend. It looks at why paid digital services arenít reaching mainstream audiences and then makes the case for why Ad-Supported services have the potential to be a crucial element of music industry online strategies.

The report has extensive consumer and executive survey data to back up the findings, in addition to forecasts not just of music spending but also of free online music activity. If you want to know what the likes of Spiral Frog, Qtrax, Last.FM, Pandor and Ruckus will bring to the music industry, then take a look at this report.