3 Screen in Europe

Jupiter today published two key European Three Screen Reports:

European Three Screen Consumers: Positioning Internet and Mobile Alongside TV

European Three Screen Audiences: Leverage PC and Mobile Opportunity

The first report is primarily targeted at device manufacturers and TV operators, whilst the second is chiefly aimed at content owners and aggregators.

Both reports are based on new European consumer survey data across Internet, Mobile and TV. The key takeaways from the reports are that the new screens will complement, not replace, the TV. Though TV dominates European the video audience, viewing hours are flat and PC and Mobile Phone video consumption is growing. (YouTube isnít killing the TV audience, itís adding to the mix). Meanwhile, mobile video consumers are the core Three Screen audience. The reports also look into how demand for different services and technology differ among each audience group.

We think these are two really important reports for our European research coverage and illustrate some of Jupiterís core strengths. Jupiterís long heritage in the online space, coupled with proven long standing expertise in Mobile and in emerging TV technology, backed by extensive consumer survey data makes us ideally placed to help companies understand the opportunities presented by Three Screens and cross platform strategies in general. We know how the online content sector works and have spent many years analyzing evolving value chains, channel shifts and disruptive distribution models. Added to that weíve been covering mobile and TV for the best part of a decade now.

Look out for further European reports on these topics over the coming months. We also have individual European services for each one of the screens: Internet Mobile TV

If you are not already a client and would like to find out more about Jupiterís 3 Screen research and expertise then please follow this link http://www.jupiterresearch.com/bin/item.pl/become_client/