Not Everyone Should Sell Music

UK news outfit ITN is mulling launching a mobile music video service….and I thought an Esperanto MP3 Download service was odd.

ITN apparently has access to archives of music TV including ‘Ready Steady Go’ and ‘the Tube’ and will create a joint venture with Channel 4 to launch the service. Despite that though, one has to question the logic of a news broadcaster launching a mobile music service. Brand confusion doesn’t even come close.

The Esperanto music service and this ITN initiative perhaps have more in common than one would imagine. Why? Well both are indicative of the ‘Gold Rush’ mentality that is beginning to permeate digital music again: the mindset that “we’ve got to be in digital music because it’s going to be huge”. It’s the same mentality that saw a London newspaper and a charity that campaigns against 3rd world hunger both launch their own services.

Before diving in, companies need to think carefully about their brand perception, what potential it has for selling music and also what impact selling music would have upon it. The simple fact is people will not buy music from you simply because they have a strong relationship with your brand. In short, just because you can sell digital music doesn’t mean you should.