Why oh why is everyone obsessing so much about Paul McCartney? Ok, he’s officially the most successful pop artist ever and, sure, he was half of arguably the best song writing partnership in popular music. But now that he’s the 64 years old he once sung about, is he really the sort of artist that’s going to help sell digital music to ‘the kids’?

Now I can kind of see the logic in having McCartney all over the front window of Starbucks, but fronting iTunes TV ads? Sure, he’s a big catch for the middle aged execs responsible for closing the deals, but what does it say to the teens and tweens? It’s already difficult enough trying to make digital music compete against file sharing for the kids without having some one technically old enough to be their great-grandfather prancing around with a ukulele…and it doesn’t make any difference that he’s painted up in cool iTunes colours