DRM-Free Doing OK

Initial results of EMI’s DRM-free downloads are ‘good’ according to EMI SVP Lauren Berkowitz. No absolute numbers yet (it’s still early days), but some individual examples: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon up 350 percent in first week of sales (still 272 percent higher now) whilst Norah Jones evergreen ‘Come Away With Me’ experienced solid digital growth (24 percent) whilst CD sales declined (-24 percent).

EMI are of course selecting the best stats to sing about, but based on this very selective sample it seems that the higher priced, higher quality DRM-free tracks may be finding particular favour among older, higher spending demographics. Which is, of course, unsurprising. Berkowitz also said that there has been no corresponding rise in piracy…which also makes absolute sense – those consumers are not exactly your typical file sharer.

So encouraging noises so far but roll on some more comprehensive stats.