Understanding the Impact of the 2nd Screen

Jupiter has just published a new European report “European Media Consumption Consumer Survey, 2007: Understanding the Impact of the Second Screen”

This report is a must read for anyone wanting to understand what impact time spent online is having on overall European media consumption and how broadband is revolutionizing the way that people use the web.

Some key highlights:
The Internet is firmly established as the second-place media in Europe.
France has the highest overall media consumption and broadband has radically changed French online behavior. An almost identical step change is apparent in Spain.
Internet video represents eight percent of time spent online and is highest in Spain.
You should read this report if you are:
A TV broadcaster trying to understand what strategies you should pursue online and just how much of a threat the YouTube generation really is.
A TV channel wanting to determine how to engage with audiences online and to understand what impact their online video consumption is having on viewing.
A radio broadcaster that needs to know what the relative importance of radio listening is in the overall mix.
An ISP that wants to better understand how demographic trends impact usage patterns among its subscribers.
An online content provider that needs to assess the relative degrees of opportunity for online video in Europe