iPhone and Europe

If you are a journalist and wants to understand what implications Appleís iPhone will have on the European market then please email presseurope AT jupiterresearch DOT com.

If you are a Jupiter client and would like to talk more about the European implications of the iPhone then please schedule a call with your Client Services Manager and weíll be more than happy to answer your questions on the topic.

Europe is a vastly different mobile market from the US with distinct value chain characteristics. The European iPhone launch would have to follow a modified strategy to succeed in the region. Take a look at the blog of my colleagues Ian Fogg and Thomas Husson for more insight.

London Calling

Today I am at the London Calling event: Iíll be on a couple of panels so if youíre around come up and say hi.

For what itís worth this event is big but doesnít have the same Ďdoing dealsí buzz of the likes of Midem or Popkomm. Whether thatís a reflection of the event having grown too quickly or just the state of the music industry at the moment Iím not quite sure. Thereís a lot of pessimism around here. Iíve had a few conversations which have centered around the likelihood of the industry having many more worse years ahead of it before bottoming out. Tough times indeed.