Using YouTube to ReWrite Music History

Beyonce Knowles took a dramatic tumble in a recent gig and unsurprisingly the video footage spread like wild fire on YouTube. However, in a desperate bid to airbrush out history SonyBMG got all the offending videos pulled, under the cover of ‘copyright violation’ (even though plenty of other bootleg Beyonce live footage remains untouched).

So the web being the web, copies have cropped up on various other, less heavily policed alternatives (DailyMotion, Metacafe etc.). Fair enough, it’s a pretty funny fall, but she pulls herself straight up and carries on, dignity pretty much intact. SonyBMG doth protest too much.

What I find particularly interesting about this though is the fact that it is YouTube’s close ties with the record labels that has resulted in them filtering out the footage. To much of its audience this will feel like police-state style censorship and the curious will look elsewhere. Perhaps this an early sign that YouTube is becoming too closely aligned with ‘the establishment’ for ‘the kids’?