Apple Steals the Headlines

Before I start this post I’ll caveat it by saying that us Jupiter analysts are occasionally prone to have Apple blog love-ins. But that said, it must be so frustrating for Nokia to see their big announcements this week gazumped by a pretty mediocre Apple announcement. On the day that Nokia announced in London their brave new content strategy and range of devices, Apple coincidentally (ahem) announced the launch of their UK video download service, which has limited catalogue and looks far from the finished article. Yet despite this Apple got all the headlines. Every press call I took was about Apple, not Nokia. Most of the tech coverage was Apple as the key story and Nokia as the second story. For example the Metro ran an Apple headline:

“TV downloads turn Ugly” with a big photo of Ugly Betty, three columns of analysis. Then underneath that was a small sub head
“…as Nokia takes aim at iTunes”, followed by a handful of words on Nokia.

My colleague Ian Fogg argues that part of the media’s obsession with Apple is that so much of the media world uses Apple computers. Many of them probably have iPods too.

Whatever the reason, the fact that Apple can trump Nokia’s biggest announcement in years with half-hearted announcement speaks volumes about the media’s obsession with Apple.