HMV Unlimited RIP

Just as Vodafone’s MusicStation subscription service launches in the UK, HMV today closed the doors on their own PC music subscription service, following the similarly ill fated Virgin service. I doubt that the closure was intended to coincide with Vodafone’s launch and you’ll not hear any fanfare to announce it: in fact I only found out because I called up the customer service posing as a punter to get some info whilst writing my blog on the MusicStation launch.

So is it a case of out with the old and in with the new, or are Vodafone about to repeat others’ mistakes?

Probably a bit of both, but there is a big potential future for subscriptions, the only thing is that future probably involves making subscribers think they’re either getting the music for free or for close to free.

EDIT: HMV inform me that there will be a relaunch of a subscription service of ‘some kind’ next year.