Warner Pulls Catalogue from Nokia Music

You’ve got to feel sorry for Nokia. First they have their UK Music Store launch gazzumped by Vodafone/Omnifone and now it emerges that Warner Music is withholding their catalogue from Nokia’s download store due to concerns over piracy on Nokia’s Mosh site.

And to be fair, Mosh does have some YouTube-style illegitimated ripped/recorded music videos. And also one of the first results that come up when searching for ‘music’ on Mosh is a mobile URL for All Tunes (AKA AllOfMP3.com) which according to the entry on the site is “totally legit (in Russia)”.

What this illustrates is the increasing difficulty Nokia will have in spreading the wings of Ovi as a media powerhouse. Nokia is just beginning to learn that if you push in multiple new directions you will have to make some sacrifices for the greater good. Much as Nokia would love to be a 100% credible / cutting edge mash-up/upload destination for ‘the kids’ it can’t be completely that and be a market leading music provider. It will have to start playing the policing game in its UCG content if it wants to play the professional content game, just as YouTube is finding out.

In short, much as they’d like to be, Nokia cannot be all things to all people.