What Apple Should Announce

This isnít a prediction about what Steve Jobs may or may not say later (as Apple predictions are normally proved wrong!). But what Iíd love to see Apple do sometime this year is put some of the innovation they have put into their devices into the music store. iTunes Music Store is well integrated and clean, but it could be so much more. It could have richer discovery features, variable pricing, consumer profiles, pay-as-you-go or fully fledged subscription offerings etc etc.

In short, it is time for Apple to innovate in the face of intensifying competition from Amazon, Nokia, imeem etc etc. iTunes Music Store is not about to be knocked of its throne, but Apple has stayed on top of the portable media player space by creating the iPod killer before the competition does. Now it needs to apply the same thinking to its music store so that it can reclaim its throne as leading market innovator and put in preemptive strikes to any would-be-usurpers to its position as market leading digital music offering.

Besides, it needs a better story to tell to the labels. Digital isnít saving the music industry and as Apple is the majority of the digital market, that means that Apple isnít saving the music industry. Not that it is Appleís job to do so, but Appleís Jobs has suggested in the past that itís a role Apple could fill!