Good Digital Music Marketing Part II

Radiohead have consolidated their reputation with their Nude remix initiative in partnership with Apple. They have made vocal, guitar, base, drums and strings / fx parts available for download via iTunes and invite fans to create their own remixes and post them to a specially designed web site.

This has to go down as one of the best implemented pieces of digital music marketing Ive seen. This isnt by any means the first time that artists have empowered their fan base to remix their tracks, but its certainly a best-practice case study for implementation and has some really nice touches:

Selling the parts as full price singles on iTunes (I, for example, paid nothing for Rainbows but just spent the best part of 5 pounds on the parts)
Allowing fans to vote for their favourite remix (thus drawing in new audiences such as the fans of the remixer rather than the band)
Creating Facebook and Myspace widgets for remixers to use to get friends to vote.

All in all a really cool initiative. Over one and a half thousand mixes have been submitted so far

And if youre interested you can hear my remix here (which for the record was done in Logic Audio).

And of course feel free to vote for my mix 😉