And then there were three

Warner Music have announced that they are licensing to Comes With Music. So now just EMI remains out in the cold but they have publicly indicated that they will join. So next step for Nokia is a decent selection of indies. One would hope that they’re talking to Merlin to ensure smaller indies are on board rather than just the big guns.

It is also to be hoped that when CWM launches it does so with some cool new handsets rather than just a firmware upgrade to existing handsets. A touch screen would obviously be a welcome innovation, not just for the sake of the iPhone-me-too effect, but because of how much easier music navigation and discovery is made by a big touch screen. Also, if Nokia really wants to shake up the market it probably needs to take the brave move of making some of the CWM handsets look and behave like music players first and a phone second.

We’ll be publishing a report on CWM some time over the next month or two which takes a detailed look how CWM is likely to impact existing mobile OTA offerings and fixed Internet services. It’s not all good news! We’ve already done a lot of the detailed work on this so if you are a Jupiter client and would like to learn more then just set up a call via your client services manager.