This isn’t my ‘thing’ but she clearly has strong mix of songwriting talent, vocal quality and musicianship. She’s rough round the edges and is far from the finished article, but nothing the nurturing of a record label wouldn’t solve. Why am I posting this? Just to illustrate the power of positioning. I only found her because some one at YouTube decided to put her as a featured video. This song has now had a quarter of a million views – that’s doubled since last night. She’s not completely green (seems to have built up something of a YouTube following for her cover versions,) but now that she’s showing some pretty mature songwriting skills and quarter of a million viewers she’s entitled to expect to start getting calls from A&R men.

Back in the stone age when I was scrambling around trying to get a record deal, the only tools I had were sending out lots of demo tapes and endless networking. I got there in the end, as much through fortune as anything else, but I had lots of far more talented peers who just didn’t get the breaks. Talent does not always shine through in the end, whatever they may say. At least in the Internet age, and with tools like YouTube, there is a genuine chance, however small, of reaching a global audience if you’re good enough.

Disclaimer: this might be an elaborate marketing technique by a management team or a record label but a brief bit of searching didn’t throw up anything to suggest so. And her song might be plagiarized rather than original – I just don’t know this type of music well enough to be able to tell. But if neither of these apply, then she could be one to watch.