Lost Tunes, Another Step Towards DRM Free

Here’s an interesting addition to the UK digital music market: Universal Music, via 7Digital, have launched LostTunes which has just 600 odd albums. But the unique twist on this site is the focus on rare music (100 of these albums aren’t available digitally anywhere else – legally anyway) and the tracks are 320 kbps and MP3.

This sort of niche targeting makes a lot of sense. But every time another label makes more catalogue available DRM free you wonder just how long we can continue to have any premium a la carte downloads sold with DRM. Apple, of course, is well over due a couple of big announcements, but will DRM free across all catalogue be one of them (and by implication the same for other retailers)? One hopes so. The major record labels cannot continue to treat DRM-free as a tactical experiment and must recognize it as the strategic necessity it really is.