RIAA Unconstitutional?

Fascinating piece here on the RIAA about to face the intellectual force of Harvard’s legal prowess.  The RIAA has mysteriously avoided suing Harvard students in its copyright infringement campaign, supposedly for the sake of avoiding having Harvard Law School defend its students and shoot down the RIAA’s approach.  Now one of Harvard’s law professors, Charles Nesson, has got tired of waiting and has decided to go after the RIAA.  He’s picked up a number of reasons why the RIAA’s approach is unconstitutional and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


What is clear with the RIAA’s strategy is that it is a PR disaster and it’s neither reducing file sharing nor saving recorded music sales.  Some time, hopefully sooner rather than later, the RIAA will adopt a more considered approach and take a leaf out of the IFPI’s book.  In fact, they’d do well to take the BPI as a role model and focus on acting as a conduit for getting ISPs etc licensed with compelling alternatives to piracy.

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