Digital Music Executive Survey – Take Part!

Forrester is going to conduct a digital music executive survey that will test the pulse of the digital music industry right across the value chain, from artists, through managers, labels, services and technology companies.  The survey will address a broad range of topics, including, among others:

  • to what extent digital is meeting expectations and needs
  • the role of free music and of piracy
  • shifting relationships between artists, fans and labels
  • new business models
  • ways in which artists and labels are using social tools

If you would like to take part in the survey,  send me an email directly and I will ensure that you are sent an invite to the survey.

Your email address will only be used for the purposes of this survey and will not be used for any marketing, sales or other such purposes.

Please put ‘MUSIC SURVEY’ in the header and please do not spam me.


2 thoughts on “Digital Music Executive Survey – Take Part!

  1. If you have a in depth understanding of how the game works, then you should know that giving away the music is good for promotion and ticket sales.

  2. Agreed, the new music industry business model is definately starting to look like that, free sharable online content has been the succesful selling point for internet companies for a long time – the music industry just haven’t found a comfortable alternative to allow them to do this yet!

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