1 thought on “Squaring the Consumption Circle – Why and How the Model Needs Fixing

  1. Wow! how are we Indie Artist ever gonna survive, if we can’t make a decent livelihood from the gift we give that every human being needs and that is Music! It is the human glue that keeps together.
    If the music appetite is constantly being feed for Free, the buying public will never want things to change and that will leave us where? never getting paid what is due us like any other profession, right? RIGHT?!
    I see long term issues like possible musician strikes? supposing for one moment we went back to silent movies, or silent video games which has never been done, how about silent Youtube videos? that’s funny uh? but just think about it, if all music becomes free, that’s what we as a society will be facing, because musicians need to eat too!
    Who am I? The Silver Conductor @ http://www.thesilverconductor.com, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, itunes just to name a few. check me out 🙂
    Remember: “Always know who loves you”
    The Silver Conductor

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