New Challenges….

2012 needs to be a big year for the music market and I’m on the lookout for new challenges, new projects, new opportunities.  If you’ve got a strategic priority, a project or position you think would benefit from my input then drop me a line at musicindustryblog AT gmail DOT COM.

2 thoughts on “New Challenges….

  1. This makes a lot of sense to me, and it would be an interesting question / idea to pose out to hardware companies and tech innovators for their views / vision. Are there such products in the pipeline? Did you see or hear anything at Midem ( that might show a way forward? Perhaps Ted Cohen at TAG might have some comment on what’s bubbling up in the USA in this regard.

  2. In harmony with Ms. Gammon’s, the hardware manufacturers have always worked in tandem (inconspicously) with music makers (Labels). The resultant lack of a technological bridge enabling the CD diehards the ability to transition from one technology to another may have more to do with the adage of “change being constant” and those that resist change (also being constant). I once worked as a live sound engineer for an annual workshop. It was attended by young and old. It regularly sold CD’s and Tapes (cassettes) of performances and you could see the generational differences between consumers based on the format of choice. Undoubtedly the CD format has been the most popular and preferred to date and yet it’s decline is as certain as all of its predecessors. What isn’t clear though is how large of a “niche” market it will maintain. It still remains relevant among the business community, music afficionados and Church groups. It seems the real discussion is how will the music industry deal with the economic reality that they must now derive their primary income from a source of which their name is coined “Music”. Looks like major subscriptions and major downsizing are in the pipeline for the remaining major labels, no pun intended.

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