Introducing Media Industry Blog

I’m excited to announce that today I have launched a new sister blog, Media Industry Blog.

I’ll still be posting just as frequently on here about Music Industry issues, but on Media Industry Blog I’m going to start exploring in more detail some  of the non-music specific issues I write about on here, such as Content Ecosystems, Paid Content Strategy, Media Product Innovation and Media Consumption Devices.

In my role as an analyst and consultant I’ve been fortunate to work with media companies of all shapes and sizes across all industries.  One of the key values I have gained in that time is the ability to observe at first hand the unique experiences of each industry and also the similarities and commonalities.  With Media Industry Blog I’ll continue many of the conversations I’ve had a client level and continue to help companies to harness disruption and to profit from digital content.

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting links to Media Industry Blog posts on here but will stop doing so thereafter.

Next week I’ll be publishing a report on Media Product Innovation which will be available free of charge to subscribers of Media Industry Blog.

Today I posted the first Media Industry Blog post:

Why Apple’s Impact On Media Companies Has Only Just Got Started

There was a sense of disappointment in some quarters yesterday as Apple announced the third generation iPod, largely because it looks pretty much like a better version of the iPad2 rather than a dramatic step change.  But it was the right move for Apple.  The history of Apple’s device business in the last decade and bit has been a highly effective blend of step change, and evolution.

Read the complete post here.

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